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Speedier app data updates

To all Android app users. 

We have updated our “Index Sync” process. 
We will now be sending out updates to 10 devices at a time every 2 minutes. 

We expect that everyone has the latest data on their devices within the next 24 hours. 

You should receive a Notification telling you how many new routes have been added.

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Guido has made a great start documenting crags and routes in Ghana. Way to go!

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New sponsor- Climbing Anchors

Welcome Climbing Anchors, our latest sponsor. These guys rock.

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Austria developments

Just over 800 routes registered in Austria. Thanks guys- keep it up!
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New Nav #2 of 2

Browse all areas from the horizontal ‘crumb trail’.

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New Nav #1 of 2

Browse all your favorite crags direct from the dashboard tab. 

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500,000 ticks!

Half a million ticks- another big milestone for theCrag. Keep up the climbing and keep logging those ascents. Don’t actually know where the exact 500,000th ascent came from but there has been a lot of activity out of Europe especially Germany in recent weeks.

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When crags collide

Another great guide to a new bouldering area in Sydney. Thanks Dave and Brendon.

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Index keeps on growing

Pretty happy to now have over 255,000 routes listed. 

Remember if you’d like some help liberating your logbook from elsewhere and importing it to theCrag let us know. Campbell

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New sponsor- Pure Slacklines

Welcome Pure Slacklines our latest sponsor. Check out their cool stuff.

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